Transaction Support/Mergers & Acquisitions

Transaction Support

To drive growth or protect company assets, management teams oftentimes consider strategic transactions. SandsConsults has devised and executed numerous transaction support plans to successfully guide clients through a variety of situations. We stand ready to assist companies in clearly articulating the strategic, financial and operating rationale for any transaction.
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SandsConsults transaction support services provide clients with specific plans to maximize outcomes and minimize risks related to a broad range of transactions.

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • We partner with our clients throughout the IPO process, from selecting the underwriting syndicate to pricing. We support management with activities including formulating investor positioning and the road show presentation; establishing IR infrastructure and the IR website; preparing management and employees for their responsibilities as a publicly traded company.
  • Follow-on equity raises and debt offerings
  • SandsConsults leverages its extensive capital markets expertise to advise clients on raising capital at the right time with the most appropriate underwriter(s). We work closely with our clients to ensure that the right messages are communicated during the capital raising process, and that appropriate expectations are set.
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Our M&A support experience is extensive, supports either side of the transaction and features communications strategies and action plans to articulate deal benefits to various stakeholders. When shareholder votes are required, we provide further support through the proxy solicitation process in order to gain the backing of investors and proxy advisory firms.
  • Restructuring and emerging from bankruptcy
  • For clients contemplating a restructuring or possibly a bankruptcy filing, SandsConsults provides strategic counsel and designs and implements communications plans that address the needs of all audiences, maintain credibility and transparency and instill confidence in the long-term prospects of the business. For clients emerging from bankruptcy, we work closely with management to re-launch the company in the public equity market with a view toward properly establishing a new investment thesis and setting expectations for debt and equity investors.


  • Acquisition strategy:  Invest with a thesis Successful deal making requires a well-defined strategy and experience. The question behind every deal should be: "How will buying this asset make my existing business more valuable, and how will I bring value to the asset I am buying?" The answers are rooted in strategy—and strategy is SandsConsults heritage. With many years of experience, helping companies develop time-tested strategies, we understand the types of deals that create value and those that don't. Successful deals have an investment thesis that is founded on a firm's portfolio needs and clearly tied to growth strategy.
  • Diligence:  Ask and answer the big questions
    Sellers have a reason for selling. You need to know what you are buying and how you will make the business more valuable. Strategic due diligence is a forward-looking process that helps you understand how you can create value through an acquisition. The best acquirers investigate targets with a nose for what's really important, identifying the key sources of ongoing value and sniffing out any "perfumed pigs" buffed up for sale. Our proprietary approach relies on conducting primary research. We talk to the key players in the target’s orbit and build insights gleaned from tearing apart thousands of "selling stories."
  • Merger integration:  Integrate where it matters
    To make a deal pay off, you have to nail a short list of critical actions. But merging two companies also requires rigorous follow-through on a long list of integration tasks, large and small. Doing both is hard. Part of the answer lies in a few, powerful guiding principles: tailor the integration thesis to the deal thesis; integrate where it matters; and act with deliberate speed. Deals undertaken to grow a company’s scale usually require a lot of integration while deals that expand the scope of the business often need a lighter touch.

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